Scanner Honeywell 3820

Honeywell 3820

Cordless Linear Imager


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Adaptus™ Imaging Technology: Hand Held Products
exclusive brand of imaging technology provides best-in-class
read range and an unsurpassed ability to read poor quality bar
codes. Both features are well suited to cordless applications
where improved effi ciency and ergonomics are primary goals.

Bluetooth® v1.2 Class 2 Radio: Developed to reduce
interference in existing RF backbones, including 802.11. Only
v1.2 uses Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH) to mitigate data
collisions in the 2.4 GHz frequency band, while providing a 33
foot (10m) working range.

Unique Base Design offers the following features:
A minimal footprint that is up to 33% smaller than major
competitors’, simplifying installation and leaving more
counter space for customer service or other application
Presentation scanning with a docked imager for effi cient,
hands-free bar code reading.
Host-powered interface and RF link; an exclusive
Hand Held Products feature that extends the mobile
capabilities of the 3820 by drawing power from a
portable device for radio and host communications.

Battery: A long lasting, high capacity lithium ion battery
provides 57,000 scans per full charge with no conditioning
required. The battery is fi eld-replaceable.

Durable: Hand Held Products solid state, no-moving-parts
imager design withstands more than fi fty 6 foot (1.8m) drops
to concrete.